* PRIVACY NOTE: Fulfillment Packaging Service will never use any of your information, proprietary data, SKU's or any data to infringe upon your business sales by using any fulfillment service to sell any SKU's that your company sells through a third party fulfillment.  Our service is purely to assist you in prepping your goods to comply with the FBA, Sears or other third party fulfillment service.

* INSURANCE NOTE:  All Items shipped to Fulfillment Packaging Service regardless of service selected are FULLY insured at all times once the goods are delivered to our warehouse.  Once you go through the 'Send Goods' fulfillment form, you will be presented with our coverage of goods and services from our insurance company for your shipped items.  If you wish to view our insurance at this time, please Click Here.


Complete bagging, labeling and shipping solution for Fulfillment By Amazon sellers.  Properly packaging and preparing units helps to reduce delays in receive time, protect your products while in our fulfillment centers, and create a better customer experience.


Labeling is the process of attaching a unique product identifier (such as a SKU) with its barcode onto the product. The label needs to be attached to each unit or to the outside packaging of the unit so that the entire label is visible. We will ensure that each unit that is shipped to us has a label on its packaging that complies with these rules, including a scannable bar code containing the correct Amazon, Sears or fulfillment identifier.

A Unit label must be affixed to each unit for which you do not use the stickerless, commingled option.  We will label your qualifying units in the fulfillment center using the product information you provide for such units.


Want your products to zoom through the Amazon, Sears and other fulfillment warehouses?

Prepping products in bags or boxes so they are FBA compliant is the most critical issue these days!  Fulfillment by Amazon and Sears are changing the requirements daily with regards to packaging your goods for fulfillment compliance (i.e. polybagging items with suffocation notices).  Successfully, adhearing to their requirements will help you to sell more of your goods faster, which in turn will produce more revenue for you.  Don't spend all your time reading about updates, policies or requirements let us be your experts, and package your items correctly!

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We can be your eyes, so you can focus on more important tasks.  Inspection of your goods can be the most time consuming aspects of somebody's job.  Whether your goods are arriving from overseas, a distributor, or a manufacturer, you still expect your goods to be to be in tip top shape.  Broken, irregular or wrong goods can lead to returned sales, and ultimately, bad ranking and reviews in the major cross-channel shopping sites (Amazon, eBay, Sears, etc...).  We help to verify the products do match the listing you wish to send to your fulfillment warehouse.

* Yes, we do offer an INSPECTION ONLY services for our International Customers.


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