Reduce Your Expenses

Why use your own labor and materials to prepare your goods?

Value Added Shipping

Why ship your goods across country?  Our convenience Midwest location saves logistics expenses.

FREE Inspections

We'' insure your goods are perfect by inspecting them prior to shipment.

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Wholesale Business

Have your wholesale shipments sent directly to to be FBA compliant.





EXPERT Bagging, Labeling and Shipping for ALL Your Outsourced Fulfillment Needs

Proper Fulfillment labeling is now mandatory, in order to make sure there is no delay in in-bound package check-in.  An unlabeled package could result in lost inventory or delay in sales by Fulfillment by Amazon, Sears and eBay.  No need to purchase any labeling materials for your goods, as we ensure everything is label compliant.

Logistics could take a huge chunk out of your bottom line!  Why send your goods twice, when you can send them to us once, and we will be responsible for getting your goods bagged, labeled and forwarded to the proper Amazon, Sears or eBay fulfillment warehouse.


Unsure what the most up-to-date Fulfillment by Amazon or Sears  compliance rules are for packaging and bagging your items?  We offer a full compliant bagging, solution for any outsourced fulfillment warehouse in order to save your firm time, money and liability.